The Youth for Christ Lincoln area staff consists of paid and unpaid, full, part, or quarter time staff serving youth across the city.  Our current ministry leadership team consists of:
  • Matt Schulte, Executive Director
  • Tyler Carter, Development Associate
  • Beth Tekolste, Community Engagement Coordinator


Leadership Academy Interns: Kierra Griggs, Julia Stephenson, David Crable, Victoria Solkan

Meet Our Staff Team

  • Shannon Buzynski hails from Columbus, NE and was a Campus Life student there. After graduating early from high school, she was hired on as an assistant with her Campus Life group. She loved doing ministry and went on to participate in Christ Place Leadership College. She heads up our ministries at Moore and Lux Middle Schools. As all good youth workers do, she loves her coffee. She loves her cat Parker. From that great love of cats, the small group Cats and Coffee was born!
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  • Tyler Carter joined our high school Campus Life staff after hearing about YFC's ministry at his son's birthday party. He's now serving as Ministry Director. Tyler's background is in Business/Management. Tyler is eager to help people overcome the lies and false paradigms that keep them from the Freedom of Christ. Tyler, his wife, Karen, and their three children love writing, reading, and hand jiving.

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  • Eldon Dietrich joined our Youth for Christ staff in January 2012 as the chaplain for our Juvenile Justice Ministry. Eldon had been volunteering at the detention center for many years. He has a heart to see young people facing incarceration find hope and transformation in the message of Jesus Christ. Eldon is married to Mary; they have four children and three grandchildren. In his spare time Eldon enjoys golfing and go-kart racing.

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  • Adam Forrester is the Campus Life leader at Mickle Middle School and Northeast High School. He is also the youth pastor at Northeast Missionary Church. He originally hails from Canada but graduated from Bethel College in Indiana. He and his wife, Andrea, enjoy taking drives into the country, and Adam plays lullabies on his guitar every night to help his new baby girl fall asleep.

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  • Brooke Fullerton is our Parent Life Director. "Seeing the awesome work YFC does on social media and the lives that are impacted, I wanted to be part of such amazing Kingdom work," said Brooke. She has been volunteering with Parent Life at Northeast all school year; now she's on staff to continue serving the teen parents at Northeast and throughout the city. Originally from Superior, NE, she married her high school sweetheart, Dan. They have two children. She is a dance mom who loves playing with slime and watching tadpoles hatch.

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  • Amy Glasser joins our team with a myriad of experiences working in social work. She has 3 kids and 2 cats at home which have occupied the majority of her attention for 10 years. Amy heads up all of our office work and office volunteers. She has been known to sing loudly and collect cabbage patch dolls. It's a thing.

  • Anthony Godtel was born in Norfolk and has done a lot of moving, both as a child and as an adult. He came to us from pastoring in Clay Center. He is running Campus Life at Norris Schools. He was part of a youth-led youth group in high school and is eager to continuing studying and sharing the Bible with kids, including his own three, Gabe, Josh, and Audrey. The first two years of Anthony and his wife, Jamie's, marriage, they only ate sushi with eel sauce for breakfast.

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  • Jamie Godtel is our YFC Shared Services bookkeeper. Jamie also volunteers with Campus Life at Norris. Married to Anthony Godtel, they are a stellar team teaching kids about Jesus for over 11 years, first and foremost their own kids: Gabriel, Joshua, and Audrey. Jamie is a musical junkie and she loves a good scat.

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  • Nathan Kroll has been with YFC since the beginning of time and has worked in every position possible. Nathan is part of the Juvenile Justice Ministry team. Nathan started his ministry career at Norris High School, and he still talks to students he had then. He is the campus pastor at Christ's Place West Point Campus Church. Nathan and his wife, Sandi, serve in ministry toggether and they have climbed Mt. Everest every year for their anniversary. 

  • Tim Maas restarted Campus Life in Ashland! We're thrilled to have this site open again. Tim has been partnering with the ROC Youth Center since January 2018 to minister to teens and their families.  He has a passion to work with youth and young adults because when he was their age, he greatly valued having an adult who would listen to him, talk to him, and share why a relationship with Jesus is so important in our lives. Tim loves to grill and smoke BBQ. His former days in the Air Force allowed him to enjoy California. He even danced with elephant seals.

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  • Amanda Meers joins our team after several years of volunteering. She is reaching middle school teens right here in Lincoln. She comes to us via South Carolina, Lincoln Christian, and the first commercial flight into space.

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  • Micah Petersen recently graduate from Crown College in Minnesota. He loves to talk theology and has a passion to see God's Word advanced among teens. He graduated high school right here in Lincoln. His father was a long time pastor in the Lincoln area. We are excited to have a man with Micah's passion on the team!

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  • Jake Salmans, joins us after serving as a middle school youth pastor for many years in Omaha.  Jake and his wife Kaelee live just outside of Lincoln. Jake has a real passion for at risk kids and dreams one day of opening a community center and a Waffle House.


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  • Matt Schulte and his wife, Kristin, moved to Lincoln from Chicago in 2011 to serve as the Executive Director of Youth for Christ Lincoln area.  He has grown up knowing and believing in the mission of Youth for Christ. He has a passion for pointing teenagers to Christ and desires to see ministry flourish in every high school, middle school, and detention center in the Lincoln area. Matt loves spending time with his wife and four children, reading, and studying parakeets.

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  • Beth TeKolste is stepping into a new role as our Community Engagement Coordinator. She was involved in Children's Ministry at First Free Church in Lincoln for years and is now going on the adventure of ministry to teenagers. She and her husband Brian have four children; she loves attending their activities as well as doing water sports, working in the yard, exercising, and going to movies. She dreams of playing Anne of Green Gables on the big screen. 

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  • Josh Trexel is on staff with high school Campus Life. He's lived in Lincoln since 2005. Though growing up in a Christian family, it wasn’t until his sophomore year of college when he truly developed a relationship with God. He's always loved working with teens so he's thankful to have this opportunity to invest in youth through Campus Life. Josh leads our Lincoln East High School and Internship programs. Josh is married to Grace; they love serving God together. Josh has visited 40 of the 50 United States and he enjoys all sports, especially basketball and water polo.

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  • Pat Williams holds the title of “Lifetime Achievement in YFC.” She has been secretary to four out of the five Lincoln YFC Executive Directors. She's mostly retired but has rejoined this year to help out with some of the office work. Outside of Campus Life, Pat enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She is a lover of all things green, Indian food dishes, and sushi parties.

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